Personal coaching Programme



Money is a taboo subject.  Even in your closest relationships money can be hard to talk about – but easy to yell about.

What if talking about and managing money with your significant other, could be fun, even exciting?

Learn how to implement the habits of financially successful couples so that you can build a happy and successful life for your family.

Unfortunately, money is the leading cause of stress in a relationship.  In this programme you’ll learn how to talk about and manage money in your relationship without conflict.  And how to put the right structure in place to help you achieve your joint financial goals and more wealth in your life.

This programme is designed to help you and your partner understand your relationship with money, break down some of the myths about money, give you the practical tools to talk openly about money and work together as a team.   And most importantly, give you the practical tools so you can make rational financial decisions and reach your financial goals.

You will feel confident that you and your partner are on the same page and heading in the same direction when it comes to your money.

The programme is spread up to 12 months and consists of three parts, Learning, Implementing and Embedding.

Preparation: Before we start, I will gather some financial information from you about your current situation and I will ask you to take our Money Personality quiz.

The core of the programme are the six Learning Sessions that run over 12 weeks.  In addition, there is pre-programme preparation plus a follow-up Session.  I provide you a comprehensive workbook that contains the programme content plus worksheets and worked examples.  There are some exercises that will be supplied during the programme, to be completed individually.

Sessions are 60 minutes and held fortnightly. These can be done online via zoom or in person where possible.

To teach you the practical skills of how to communicate with each other openly and honestly about money.

To help you understand that your money mindset (money psychology) is the key to making long-lasing changes to your relationship with money.

To show you how to get rid of the emotional baggage about money you have brought to your relationship from either your environment, your parents, or previous partners.

Give you practical structures on how to run your joint finances, or if you choose not to merge, how to put a system in place that works for you both.

Set you on the path to financial success by giving you the tools to work as a team, create a shared vision and a system to monitor and adapt your plans as you need to.

Provide you with a toolbox of psychological tips and tricks that you can dip into when you get stuck or life changes so you can get your mind-set back on track.

Money strategy. Remove the pain of sticking to an unrealistic budget by creating achievable goals and plans.

Understand your Partner’s strengths and weaknesses and how to work together as a team.


Before we start, I’ll take a look at your personal situation, e.g. budget (if you have one), what bank accounts and credit cards you have and set up your online system and see what your Money Personality is.


After you have finished the programme, I will still be here for any questions! You will also receive monthly resources to help you stay on track and continue the learning process.