Are you sick of not knowing where you are at with your money? Financial advisers give you advice and tell you what to do with your money. I give you Power. The power to change your relationship with money and take control of your financial future. By helping you understand your behaviour with money, we can help you make long-lasting changes. The Money Mentalist Programmes will help you re-write your beliefs about money and put you on the path to financial freedom.

LYNDA MOORE Money Mentalist

Interviewed on Breakfast on One TV Show about What Would Money Say If It Was Dating You?

Featured as a Guest Expert on TVNZ Seven Sharp discussing the pros and cons of Black Friday Sales from a money mindset.

how do I help?

I am here to help ease the burden that finances can put on you. I will never judge you. I will never tell you what to do. I will equip you with an understanding of your money personality and teach you the tools to reach your financial goals.

"We contacted Lynda from Money Mentalist to help us get through a crossroads in our lives, with personal and financial change and challenges. Six months later we have financial clarity, empowerment, control and are super excited to see what we can make happen next!"
Andy and Phil

Discover your money personality

You’ll manage money better by knowing your money personality. Let me introduce you to yours...


You deserve to be happy. It’s far easier to make others happy when you’re happy.


It’s time to take control of your money. Put your own oxygen mask on first.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals. Build the life you want!


Life is about relationships and your relationship with money is the longest one you’ll ever have. So, why not make it the best.

Personalised coaching Programmes

There are two components to reaching financial freedom. 20% practical, the tools and skills to manage money. 80% is your mindset. The programmes below cover both aspects. Talk to me and I’ll help guide you to the best option for you.

Can’t find the exact right thing you want?  Book a 15min call with me and we can discuss what’s right for you.

Personal Coaching Programme

If you’ve tried budgeting and it hasn’t worked, this is the programme for you,

You will understand your money behaviour and create a personalised Money management Plan.

Personal Coaching Programme

Money can be taboo, even between couples.

You will learn how to communicate effectively with each other about money, as well as how to manage it together.

Personal Coaching Programme

Not sure quite what you need? 

I will create a bespoke programme just for you with the right blend of money psychology and practical money management.

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Money advice

"Becoming more aware of why we were spending made a very real difference and helped us look at ways we could satisfy the same needs without spending as much."
Brian Walker & Tom Steward

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Reset your thinking and change your life!