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Financial anxiety is real, and at one time or another it will affect us all. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, or how wealthy you are, you are not immune to financial anxiety.

Financial therapy is a form of therapy that addresses financial anxiety by looking at your behaviour with money that is causing your financial anxiety. It can help you overcome emotional spending or hoarding, arguing with your partner and other situations that arise due to your anxiety.

I am non-judgemental, therefore you can be totally honest about your past and current financial situation. The more you share, the more progress you will make. I will help you understand why you spend the way they do in both your personal and business (if you have one). Together we will improve your wealth habits and ease your mind.

You will gain the most benefit from financial therapy if you are ready to explore your unconscious beliefs and emotions around money. You will be willing to build a more authentic, personal relationship with money. You may also want to improve your emotional and financial literacy. Most of all you will be open and coachable about the complexities of money and embrace tools to help you manage your money.

We will do exercises to understand ‘What Do You Believe?’ to help you identify your beliefs about money, both those that are working for you and those that aren’t. Some of these subconscious beliefs can keep you in a financial rut. Limiting beliefs may also impede your ability to make wise financial decisions in the future.

As a financial therapist I help you overcome these limiting feelings and create new neurological pathways to be more successful in your money management and wealth growth.

Whatever your financial goal, understanding your emotional relationship with money and challenging your current money beliefs, is the first step to achieving long-term success.

Before we start, I will gather some financial information from you about your current situation and I will ask you to take our Money Personality Quiz.

We will find out what is money and what does it means to you. Money is more than just dollars and cents, it is emotional. Money is associated with our deepest needs about love, power, security, independence and self-worth. We explore what money means to you and how it is causing you anxiety and how to reframe your thinking.

This flows into how you manage your money. We will get practical and by using Behavioural Economics we’ll develop a more human centric and practical financial management system to build your money plan.

We’ll also look at who your ‘influences’ are and practical ways to handle them. You will learn how to break down some of the myths about money and most importantly, give you the practical tools so you can make rational financial decisions and reach your financial goals.

  1.  To understand your Money Psychology and how you can make rational financial decisions and reduce your financial anxiety.
  2. How to get rid of the emotional baggage about money you have brought to your relationship from either your parents, or other partners.

  3.  Give you practical structure on how to run your joint finances, or if you choose not to merge, how to put a system in place that works for you both.

  4. Set you on the path to financial success by giving you the tools to work together as a team, set joint goals and a system to monitor and adapt your plans as you need