31 Aug

A Fireside Interview with Max Arshavsky from Zenno Astronautics


“When it comes to spending money particularly in the company, we have a fixed amount of energy (money). My primary objective as a Chief Executive is to allocate resources. What is the smartest way, what is the most efficient way the most reliable way to allocate these resources to use this energy in order to achieve what we have set out to achieve?”

Are you cosy and comfortable? Have you got a coffee, hot chocolate, or maybe even a wine? Are you snuggled up with the one you love? For about the next 20 minutes or so watch and listen and get some great insights from Max on how he got Cosy and Comfortable with his money.

Here’s a little bit more information and how to contact Max Max Arshavsky, is the founder, CEO & CTO of Zenno Astronautics and inventor of the Zenno Drive.

Max studied physics, mathematics and engineering in Russia’s most elite lyceum under the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (National Research Nuclear University) and is a multi-prize winner of ROSATOM mathematics and physics Olympiads. Max continued his studies in the University of Auckland’s school of Engineering where he concentrated on Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Science before beginning his work on Zenno.