18 May

Willpower = Decision


Willpower can be translated into one word. That word is decision. It is a decision to hold ourselves accountable and chase the things that we want. It can relate to anything from weight loss to saving money. Both of these things require commitment.  They aren’t going to happen by accident or be granted to you because you have this magical superpower called ‘willpower’.

Take Meredith Atwood for example.  Meredith explored the mindset around willpower in a very real circumstance.

As a child, she was chubby.  So, like many others, she attended weekly Weight Watchers meetings and saw her weight yo-yo up and down by a few pounds each week.  She attended Weight Watchers with her grandmother, who also experienced weight fluctuations.

After one session where they had both gained weight, Meredith’s grandmother thought she had discovered the root of the problem…

She declared to Meredith that they had no ‘willpower’.

Meredith believed her.

She also believed that it was unfair that she and her grandmother had not received this mysterious gift.  Believing she didn’t have willpower, Meredith gave up on her weight loss goal.

The things is, willpower isn’t something we are born with (or without).  It is actually a willingness to ‘resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals’.

When we decide to fight, we ensure our decision sticks.  That is because the decision is powerful and meaningful enough to impact our behaviour.

This became all too apparent when Meredith’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.

Suddenly, ‘Mombow’ had willpower.  The desire to live was stronger than anything, so she fought for it.  As the illness took hold, the weight fell off her as she cared more about her health than about food.

After her death, the family discovered that ‘Mombow’ also had a significant amount of money saved.  Meredith questioned why Mombow had the willpower to fight for her health and to save all that money, but didn’t have the ‘willpower’ to lose weight.

Had this elusive gift appeared and disappeared throughout Mombow’s life?

The answer is no.

Willpower is not a concrete thing you have or don’t have.

The simple fact is, if you chalk everything up to the mysterious force of willpower, then you don’t care enough about the decisions you are making.

Powerful decisions create action, not willpower.

You need to recognise the things that are truly important to you in order to have the discipline to achieve your goals.

So, if you are ready to kick willpower into touch and make a conscious decision regarding your financial situation, then we are ready to help you create the right mindset around your money goals.

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This piece was adapted from an article written by Meredith Atwood. Meredith is a former attorney, speaker, and author of the book ‘The Year of No Nonsense: How to Get Over Yourself and One with Your Life’.