Today I interviewed New Zealand’s own Money Mentalist Lynda Moore for our 50th episode.

Here’s a statistic that’s a quite unnerving that Lynda shared with me…80% of relationships get into trouble because of money. Specifically, the lack of communication around money.

Lynda is here to bring a different conversation around this hot topic.  She wants to make it more fun for a start. She’s not interested in being budgety and miserly with money. Lynda’s here to help you have a relationship with money from a practical and psychological point of view. Imagine an accountant with a post grad in psychology. Someone who understands that you are not always rational in your decisions around money. We call that a money mentalist.

Money and the lack if it can mess with our brains right? So if you want to know the answer to the question, why you do what you do with money and how you can do it differently? Lynda can definitely help.

Part of the problem that Lynda has highlighted is there are budgeters and planners at one end of your life and there are financial planners to help you spend your money later in life & retirement, but no-one is addressing what goes on in the middle. Particularly in your mindset around money. That’s crucial for you to be able to feel confident about your money and its longevity in your life.

We are becoming removed from what money actually is, with the use of cards and online transactions.  We are also more importantly says Lynda, removed from the pleasure and pain aspect of how we spend our money.

Being prepared to look at money and see where it is going is not about forgoing any luxuries. (I was pleased to hear that!) No-one can stick to that long term because we are all wired to love what we love. It’s part of our identity.

So if you want to delve into this fascinating topic, listen in and have a money mentalist help you have fun with your money, and figure out why you do what you do,  rational or not!

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