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How would it feel to longer wake up in the middle of the night with your stomach churning worrying about money? One of the biggest stressors in life is money.. It keeps us awake at night, it can dominate our thoughts., It puts pressure on us and those closest to us. It’s not always about not having enough. It’s about not knowing what to do with what you have, where it goes, why you keep doing the same dumb stuff with money. Knowing on a day-to-day basis where you are at financially, how to talk to your significant other about it, gives you the peace of mind to enjoy life. It can be hard to do this on your own, there may be some hard conversations required with yourself and your partner. I’m here to help you have those conversations and make the changes as easeful as possible for you.
If you ask 100 people in a room how many want to be wealthy, 98 of them will put their hands up (the other 2 have already made it!). If you talked to those same 100 people a year later, 95 of them will still be in the same place. Why? Because they don’t understand what wealth means to them. Or, how to begin to create a financial future that is meaningful for you and your family. Wealth means different things to different people. We are bombarded by images and stories of what wealth should be. We are told we should have the latest model car, the biggest TV, travel the world in style. Maybe that just isn’t you, but you feel pressured to live that way because that is what you think wealth is. Your wealth comes from your values. Knowing your values and living your values means you will become wealthy, whatever that means to you. Saying no becomes easy when you know your own definition of wealth and you are creating it. Knowing where and how to start is just as important as knowing where you want to go. I’m with you on that journey of discovery… it’s an amazing journey to be on.
Imagine you are in charge of your money, not the other way around. What would that be like for you? If you don’t know what you are doing with your money, where it is going and why, then your money is running the show not you! A robust money management system (not this isn’t a budget) puts you in the drivers seat, making the choices you want to make. As my mentor David Krueger says, if you don’t start making your own choices, others will make them for you and you may not like what they choose! Take control of your money, actively manage it, don’t let your emotions run your bank balance and you will feel empowered We all hate budgets, the feel restrictive and quite frankly a lot of hard work. Managing your money should be part of your self-care, it should be easy, not stressful. That’s how I teach you to manage your money to think about it differently and to behave with it differently
How many times have you set goals and failed to achieve them? I know I have more than I care to count. That’s because we often confuse dreams with goals. Or the going gets tough so we give up. To create a secure future you need to have clarity around your financial future and set goals that are meaningful and achievable by you. We often drift through life not sure of what we want to do with our lives. That’s fine when you are young and footloose and fancy free. Generally, there comes a stage in life (and it is different for everyone), where you want to create some security for yourself and your family. How do make the changes not just in how you manage your money, but how you think about it as well to transition from footloose and fancy free to planning your future and still having fun? Taking your dreams and turning them into your vision for the future and turning those into your goals (both short term and long term), knowing how to adapt when you need to, will set you on the path to a secure financial future I help you take your dreams, turn them into goals so you can turn them into reality.

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This is our most popular course. We talk money and psychology and customise the course to reflect your personal financial situation to help you achieve your financial goals.

Personal Coaching Programme

In this course we deal a lot with the psychology of money and how it can impact not just your life but your relationships too. We give you great tips to implement to set you financially free.

Personal Coaching Programme

Money Mentalist also offers a completely bespoke option where we can customise a programme to answer your specific financial concerns and goals.

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