Accounting Services 



If you own a business or a rental property, you have to have annual financial accounts prepared so you know how much of your profit goes to the government for tax.

Along the way there are other regulatory requirements like GST, PAYE, FBT that you need to comply with as well.

This type of reporting is often historical, after the fact. While it is very helpful for the IRD and the bank, it really doesn’t help you run your business facing forward. Looking backwards doesn’t help you respond to changes that can come unexpectedly like a pandemic or a recession, or one of your clients going broke and not paying you. OR you getting a big contract and needing to change how you scale your business to grow swiftly.

Yes, I do all the regulatory stuff, as an accountant that’s what I’m trained to do.

But then there is the fun side of my role, which is spending time with you (and your partner) to look at your business and ensure that it is meeting your forward facing goals as well. Together we craft accounts that suit your lifestyle and what you want to achieve in the future. This could be buying a house, or a second one, having a family or early retirement, having a few months off for a holiday or growing your staff and premises.

All the usual services you would expect from your accountant. Year end accounts, tax returns, GST returns, and tax management (so you don’t have to talk to IRD).

In addition to this, we drill down into your numbers on a more regular basis, this can be either monthly, bi-monthly (to fit with your GST cycle), or quarterly. It all depends on your needs and stage of business, but I won’t let you get away with not looking at all! What gets measured grows.  We look at

  • Your business profitability, how is it tracking?
  • How much tax money should you have tucked away, otherwise known as tax planning.
  • Is your business performing to the plan we have put in place or do we need to review the plan?

To do this, we need to have a plan.  What is your income target for the year?  How much do you want your business to generate for you?  I call this the bottom-up approach, once you know how much you want from your business, we then work up to how much your business needs to sell to meet that goal. Then we track the plan to the actual results so you can how you are going on a regular basis and modify the plan or prepare for unexpected – both positive and negative.

The most important, and most overlooked aspect of business, is how it fits into your life plan.  Are you spending all your hard-earned profits or are you saving some and investing in other areas so when the business stops you income doesn’t.

There are only two phases of business.  Fattening the Calf or Milking the Cow. Knowing which phase you are in will determine the strategies you use to achieve your goals. Most business owners don’t know what phase they are in and try to do both at the same time and wonder why it isn’t working for them.

If you need support or advice that is outside of my area of expertise, I will tap into my network of other experts to give you and your business all the support that you need.

  1. To understand the numbers in your business on a regular basis so you can make effective business (and life) decisions.
  2. Have an accountant on your team that you can talk to when you need them, and not get a big bill for it! And understand what they are talking about when you do pick up the phone with them.
  3. To know where you with your taxes in a way that you pro-actively plan and manage your tax commitments.
  4. To make sure that you are fulfilling your legal obligations in terms of preparing year end accounts and tax returns.