Service Offering



My role is part educational, part emotional support, part coaching, and part number crunching.  I bring my skills as an accountant.  My training in psychology, and behavioural economics.  As well as my own life experience to the role, to help you understand your financial position and work through the options with you and your legal team. My goal is to be part of the team who support you to end your relationship financially and emotionally intact. 

I help you model and understand the impact of different possible solutions on the future financial well- being of you and your children.

I am the go-to person to get financial questions answered and to help you work through the financial considerations that will ultimately go into the financial settlement. My input helps you define and address the financial considerations and questions that go into your financial settlement, incorporating as many of your high-end financial goals as possible along the way

Building an interim money plan (budgets). This is stage one.  This plan is built with you both working together, with my assistance. The aim is to have a Money Plan that you can both work with in the short term until the separation process is finalised. 

Reviewing financial statements (if you are in business). You may have a very good understanding of what your financial statements mean, but your partner may not.  You might have questions you weren’t comfortable to ask your accountant, now is your opportunity to ask those questions in a judgement free environment.

Assisting you to compile the relevant disclosure documents. Legally this has to happen on both sides. Gathering all the relevant documentation can be a little daunting, I can assist you with locating and compiling all the documents you need and pointing you in the right direction of who you need to talk to and what you need to ask for.

Helping you to build your financial position (what you own and what you owe). What is your financial position is at the date of separation?  You need to have a starting point to work with your lawyers as you go through the settlement process.

In terms of Collaborative Law, I am not a Financial Expert. I work in the background supporting the Finance Experts in compiling the information they need.  I have a wide network of Experts to tap into, I can be the intermediary between you, your lawyer and the expert.

Examples of Financial Experts include (but not limited to):

Specialist Accountants who do Business Valuations, Forensic Accounting, Economic Disparity Claims, and the Company Accountant who has expert knowledge about the client business and structure

Financial Advice Provider (registered on the FSPR) who provide Investment advice, Retirement Planning, Mortgage and Risk (Insurance) advice

To help you navigate the stormy financial waters that swirl around divorce and separation I am completely independent.  I am non-judgemental, and I can work with both partners either separately or together.

The process is all about you and you partner focusing on what is important to each of you and your family moving forward.