05 Jan

Celebrate Your Accomplishments!

If I asked you to write a list of your life's accomplishments, how long do you think that list would be? If I asked you to write a list of things in your life that you have failed at or have done things that you're not proud of, how long...
21 Nov

How To You Change Your Money Habits?

Do you want to change your money habits?  Like any change, if you try and do it too quickly you will fall flat on your face. As my mentor David Krueger says, “change is not an event, it is a process.”  This is a very important concept to bear in mind...
25 Oct

10 Ways to Cut your Grocery Bill

A while ago we ran a series of video Q&A’s where we invited questions about money. By far and away, the most asked question was, “why do my partner and I always argue about money?”