11 Apr

Do Your Children Understand Money?

"From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" is an old proverb attributed to Andrew Carnegie. It refers to the typical cycle of wealth in a family; created by the first generation, enjoyed by the second generation and lost by the third generation.
04 Apr

Will You Cope When You Refinance?

In recent years, many people have taken advantage of historically low mortgage rates to purchase homes or refinance existing mortgages. However, as interest rates rise, those who have become accustomed to low monthly mortgage payments may find themselves struggling to make ends meet.
13 Feb

Why do We Call Our Income Disposable?

So much in our world now is disposable, everyday items such as packaging, clothing and computers.  Even appliances have a much shorter lifespan than in our parents and grandparents’ day.  Everything around us seems to based on the principle of ‘use and dispose’ of as quickly as possible.  So...
24 Jan

Busting Habits

Financial habits are just as difficult for some people to make and break as any addiction or other bad habit. Yet others can change their habits quite quickly and effectively.
20 Jan

Why Do We Argue About Money?

Couple arguing about money
A while ago I ran a series of video Q&A’s where I invited questions about money. By far and away, the most asked question was, “why do my partner and I always argue about money?"
12 Jan

Goal Setting – where do you start?

Goal setting, are you tired of hearing about it?  At this time of year there is a mountain of resources on how to set and achieve your goals for the year.  Over the years I have tried many different approaches some things have worked and others haven’t.  Here is...