07 May

The Top Three Tips for Financial Happiness

Financial uncertainty often looms in our world’s chaos, a stark reminder of our anxieties regarding money-related decisions. However, despite these concerns, there’s a compelling argument for embracing financial happiness, regardless of our economic situation. Why do
17 Apr

Mind over Money

Getting on top of impulse spending. Have you ever walked into a store intending to buy one thing and stepped out with three? I have certainly done this on more occasions than I care to think
10 Apr

Financial Abuse, it isn’t just the elderly!

Talking about any type of abuse is difficult and when we think about financial abuse it often conjures up images of older people exploited by overbearing relatives or caregivers, a scenario frequently reported in the media.  However, a less
03 Apr

Let’s make savings fun again!

Saving up is hard to do… sounds like a song, doesn’t it?  The musician in me can’t help carrying the music theme through this topic, to try and liven up what can a little bit of a dry subject. 
27 Mar

How to keep Easter spending in check

With Easter upon us, it’s hard to ignore the colourful displays of chocolate eggs and bunny-shaped treats appearing earlier every year. But before you dive headfirst into the seasonal splurge, here are some tips to help you avoid overspending